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  • What are your streams of work? And where are you located?
    We have two streams of work: 1) Investment Research, 2) Financial Modeling. We prepare both paid and free investment research reports on public equities (large, mid, small, micro, nano cap), private equities, macroeconomics, transactions, and sectors. The research includes equity research reports, transaction analysis reports, macro research, sector reports, market update reports, recommendations and risk ratings. We also build custom financial models that include 3-statement integration, valuation, transaction analysis, return calculations, risk analysis and monte carlo simulations. We apply statistical analysis where necessary to control for differences across inputs. We have published research and built models across all industry sectors and we are located in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Where are your research reports distributed?
    The research reports are distributed on institutional research platforms including Thomson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ, FactSet and Bloomberg Finance. These platforms vet, select and accept certain research providers. Meanwhile our estimates are included in their pool of all analysts estimates and ranked against all other bank analysts. This speaks to the quality and accuracy of our work. Reports are open access on these platforms. Reports are also available on our website simultaneously under Basic Modelyze tab through a free subscription as well as to our prior readers list which has been growing on a daily basis since our inception.
  • What is issuer-paid research and what are its use cases? Why should I pay for a report?
    Equity and market research is very important to attract investors to a company, to justify valuation and explain the fair value estimate of the shares traded in the public markets. This role takes significant skill and investors seek for such reports in the market to understand the companies and investment opportunities. There is a significant decline from sell side research brokerage firms and investment banks coverage for small-cap, micro-cap and nano-cap companies and this has made lack of analyst coverage for these companies worse. Brokerages have decreased research budget and hence companies are turning to issuer-paid research. Valuation is a craft that requires skill and experience and a thorough understanding of capital markets, corporate finance and investment and many public market participants do not have the time or skill to perform this analysis. Having a report that includes all these details about an issuer independently is important and very useful for investors to help in their investment decision making. Analyst coverage and equity research increase awareness about the issuer company, and increase reach and readership about the issuer company. Issuer-paid research for small, micro and nano cap companies allows for projections, financial metrics, fair value estimates and valuation of the company to be made available to the public market independently which otherwise would not have been available. Our reports are publicly available to anyone who asks for it free on Basic Modelyze while brokerage research is typically available to only its own investment network and existing institutional relationships. This all helps disseminate information to market participants who have not heard about the company from a technical and analytical perspective and contributes to improving market efficiency.
  • If I pay for research, how do you ensure to maintain your independence and objectivity?
    We accept a flat fee (price) for paid reports and accept no performance-based compensation of any kind. This avoids bias and maintains independence and objectivity. The following is the best practice guidelines governing analysts and corporate issuer relations by CFA Institute, by which all CFA charter holders have to abide. We claim compliance with the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. This claim has not been verified by CFA Institute. We also publish many free content on larger companies and macro environment.
  • What are your Terms?
    You can read our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. Each report or financial model is accompanied by a disclaimer very similar to the terms in the Disclaimer. We are also very flexible in timing and can prepare reports and build the financial models as you require them.
  • What is Modelyze Store?
    Modelyze Store is a collection of previously built financial models of public market companies across all industry sectors, across all stages of a company corporate life cycle (young, high growth, mature, declining, or distress) and a variety of transaction types (M&A, Leveraged Buyout, Valuation). This store is best suited for people who would like to learn more about financial modeling, would like to see prior samples of our work or would like to prepare for financial modeling examinations. Most of the financial models are also accompanied by an investment research report, which explains the model and corporate finance concepts behind the decisions made in the company.
  • What is the difference between purchasing the free Basic Modelyze plan and subscribing to the website?
    When you subscribe to the website through any of the subscription forms on the site or via the Subscribe button, you will receive occasional educational emails or our news via email from time to time. When you subscribe, your email is added as a contact. When you subscribe to the website, you have not signed up and have not created an account to log in to the website. Subscribing to the website does not provide access to the free Basic Modelyze plan. A visitor will have to purchase the free plan. You also do not have an account as you have not signed up. To purchase the free plan or any plan, the visitor has to be a site member and sign up. That is why the purchase of the free plan has two steps: 1) Sign Up, 2) Get Plan. Once you got the plan, you receive the message, "You’ve successfully ordered a pricing plan. You’ll get a confirmation email soon." You can sign up with work email, Gmail, or other personal email accounts. This is a Video Guideline for how to access research reports on Basic Modelyze page. If a user has joined the website as a subscriber first and the email is already added to the site as contact and then the visitor tries to sign up using the exact same email, this visitor would be asked to verify their email address via a 6-digit code that is sent to their email by the system. Please check your promotional emails in Gmail as well as junk folders if you have not received it in the main mailbox. If a visitor has Outlook as their email provider, certain emails might be sent to the Quarantine folder. Please access the Quarantine folder by following the procedures found in this article. You can also contact Outlook and ask them to release the blocks. When a visitor tries to create a member account with an email address that already exists in the website contacts, the system sends them a 6-digit code confirmation email for verification. When you are on the Sing Up page, please ensure if you would like to sign up with a public profile or not. You can check or uncheck "Sign up to this site with a public profile." depending on your preference. Your profile will be set to public automatically when you sign up and other site members will see you are a member of the site. You can change this later in your profile settings. If you uncheck the public profile box and join under private mode, website members cannot see your profile in the member area.
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