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Pricing Plans

  • Basic Modelyze

    Access to investment research and reports
    Free Plan
    • Access to research and investment analysis
    • Access to recent deal analysis
    • Access to stock valuation and equity research write ups
    • Access to Investment Research Forum for Q&A and discussions

Modelyze Investments offers above subscription plan with various features designed for convenience.

All plan prices are quoted in Canadian dollars and include sales taxes for Canadian residents.

Plan prices are considered a flat price for international purchasers, no taxes are charged on international

purchases and purchasers must take delivery outside of Canada. A currency convertor is provided for ease.

For single purchases or financial models package downloads in the pricing plans, please visit Modelyze Store

All purchases are subject to Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy as well as plan specific   

policies stated on the plan's checkout page. Engage in rewarding Q&A and discussions through Modelyze Forum

Contact us at with any questions regarding subscription plans. 

Modelyze Streams


Financial Modeling


Helping you build the best financial models for your business, project or transaction.

  • Custom operating models

  • Fully integrated three-statement financial models with monthly, quarterly or annual forecasts

  • Equity valuation & discounted cash flow valuation financial models

  • Comparable company analysis financial models

  • Internal rate of return and private equity financial models 

  • Mergers & Acquisitions and transaction financial models

  • Option valuation models

Custom Analysis


Building easy to use Microsoft Excel tools & templates to automate complex or recurring  tasks, reporting or analytics.

  • Data analysis and Analytics

  • Risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation models

  • Sensitivity or scenario analysis

  • Microsoft Excel analytical support

  • Model audit & improvement

Investment Research


Performing the research and analysis that goes into preparing business cases and investment research reports.

  • Investment research and Analyst Coverage for publicly traded companies distributed by Thomson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ, FactSet, Bloomberg

  • Business case preparation

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