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Modelyze Investments is a financial modeling and investment research platform, offering an opinion with the necessary tools and expertise to help analyze business and investment opportunities. Modelyze Investments focuses on developing effective strategies and designing high quality, customized, scalable financial models to define, measure and manage key drivers of an operation. Modelyze Investments also provides independent equity and institutional investment research on large, mid and small cap companies and recently announced deals, distributed by Thomson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ and FactSet. Visit Plans & Pricing and Modelyze Store to learn more.

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Continuity is the Key to Success

Modelyze Investments is a financial modeling organization as well as an investor news and research platform demonstrating creative approaches to modeling and analyzing business and investment opportunities and recently announced deals in natural resource, renewable and infrastructure, industrial, technology, retail, health care and other sectors in CA, US, and Emerging Market countries. With experience in power and utilities sector in Canada, energy trading and risk management, the founders of Modelyze Investments are skilled in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with backgrounds in Engineering Physics and Computer Engineering. With a keen interest in financial markets, they have pursued and excelled at finance through completion of post secondary education such as MBA Finance & Strategy, AFM (advanced financial modeler) with Financial Modeling Institute, Advanced Valuation and the CFA program. 

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